Esteli Innovation is a collaborative program between Grand Valley State University and four Nicaraguan universities. The two week program is designed to prepare Nicaraguan students to identify opportunities for new products and launch sustainable business. Once these products or businesses are prototyped a goal of marketing and manufacturing must be obtained. The products that are created through Esteli Innovation are intended to promote sustainable action while improving lifestyles of Nicaraguan citizens. The Esteli Innovation experience allows Grand Valley students and faculty from all disciplines to work together for the purpose of showing Nicaraguan university students that they can be self starters and initiate successful business.

You may ask, what purpose does Esteli Innovation serve for the participants?

Esteli Innovation provides as much as an experience for the American students as it does for Nicaraguan students. You will have a purposeful travel experience and first hand knowledge about enlightening global development. This trip allows students from two completely different countries to coexist and interact amongst each other about business, travel, and culture.

Words from past participant and GVSU student Brent Reame…

Esteli Innovation. An organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring entrepreneurship to students in Nicaragua. The goal is to demonstrate how students can impact their society by creating thoughtful products and innovative solutions.

Education in healthcare is also a major focus. Knowledge of everyday disease, bacteria, and sanitation techniques is powerful in everyday settings. Esteli Innovation has the vision of providing healthcare education and clean drinking water to every Nicaraguan citizen in need.


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